A Private Forum where Association Board Members can freely share unbiased solutions in an atmosphere void of vendor influence.

“Do you feel like sometimes the people advising your HOA Board have their own best interest at heart… more than your Community’s?”

I believe a solution is freely available  (more on that in a moment).

shelton-lee Hello, my name is Shelton Lee.

I’ve been a Board Member for seven years. And I’ve grown tired of feeling like the people I’m paying to serve our Homeowners Association are more interested in what’s in their own best interest, than what’s in ours.

Here’s what I mean…

HOAs are made up of families. A Board is to represent those families. And service providers are supposed to serve the Board in that capacity. But a funny thing happened on the way to the Quorum — the lawyers and management firms took over — and unsuspecting Board Members trusted them, thinking that’s the way it’s supposed to be.  But it isn’t.  So today, now the tail isn’t just waggin’ the dog — in many cases, it’s taking its lunch money too.

I’ve had a property manager legally drain every penny out of one of our trust accounts, without so much as a word to our Board. I’ve had a management firm facilitate a short sale in our Community, take the late assessments that were paid at closing, and not even tell us the sale ever happened. I’ve had attorneys try to discourage me from using credit reporting to collect late dues, seemingly because they don’t make any money unless we put a lien on the property. I’m sure you have your stories too. I’m also sure you have solutions you can share with others — just like I do.

Solutions are available…

So let's pull back this imaginary veil separating us from our real authority, and reclaim the territory which is ours. We can begin by bringing things out into the light of day amongst ourselves as Board Members, in a safe sanctuary where discussions can be open and honest.

We’ve formed a Private Forum, exclusively for Association Board Members, to discuss solutions for common problems we all face in an unbiased atmosphere, without any influence from those who may have some other agenda.

Within your network of fellow Board Members you’ll now be able to pose questions, request feedback on potential service providers, and begin discussions on topics of special interest to your Community. HoaBoard.org allows Association Board Members to unify on common interests affecting their Associations locally, as well as find solutions from knowledgeable peers in their state or nationwide — all in an atmosphere free from the influence of those simply out to sell us. Our mission is to facilitate clearer understanding and answers, based solely on what’s in your Community’s best interest, all while helping each other think outside the box.

It’s time for a little Spring cleaning…

If you feel, like we do, that the time is at hand for us to come together as Board Members, to clear away any clutter that’s hindering us, and to begin separating the wheat from the chaff so we can provide our Communities and our families with what we need to nurture and grow and become strong welcoming neighborhoods — then this is where you belong.

Join our forum today simply by emailing your request to member@hoaboard.org and we’ll forward your personal invitation to join our free forum hosted on LinkedIn.

Please include your name, email address, phone number, and your Association’s name. All information will be held in the strictest of confidence by me, as Director of our Forum.

If you’re already a member of LinkedIn, just send me a connection request, and we’ll forward you your invitation.

Thank you for this opportunity to welcome you onboard, and be sure and download your free brief above.

God bless you,
Shelton Lee